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im a current broadband customer but looking to upgrade to add the 360 box. I also don’t have a current landline phone so don’t know if that is an issue?

The coaxial cable for the broadband is in the dining room but the TV and 360 Box will be at the other side of the house in the living room. When I spoke to an advisor on what’s app they said this won’t be an issue as it runs off WiFi but when I’ve watched a video on YouTube this doesn’t seem to be the case. Would an engineer need to come out to install a new coaxial point?





An engineer visit would be needed to install the new coax point.  

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The TV360 will require 3 connections...

1: Incoming co-ax provides the live TV feed, in the same way as a satellite dish provides a feed to a Sky box.

2: Internet connection, via your home-hub, for all the online & internet-based functions. Ethernet is always recommended given the choice, but wireless should suffice.

3: HDMI to your TV and, if you have it, optical to any AV kit,.

If you don't have a co-ax connection where you need it, then you'll need a manned install.

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Alessandro Volta

If you subsequently add phone this will be provided by connecting your handset to the hub with a short adapter cable.

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Sounds like you spoke to an offshore advisor, the stream box is the only one that works without a coax connection.

You will need a manned installation and the coax cable might be able to be split externally and run round the outside of your house to your living room.

Possibly your hub can be relocated to where your TV is so you can easily connect the 360 to the hub using an ethernet cable which is more reliable or is it connected to a PC where it is.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Snelson94


Thanks for posting your package query around adding a TV service, we appreciate you taking the time to contact us via the forums and welcome to the community.


As the members have advised, if you're looking to add a 360 box to your current package this would require a coax and therefore an engineer to install this. We aren't able to make package changes via the forums but If you can give the team a call on 150 from a Virgin Media landline or 0345 454 1111 option 1, option 4 then option 4 this will get you through to the contracts team who will be able to assist. 

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Very Insightful Person

One thing to bear in mind when you speak to customer services is the way VM packages work. TV and broadband may well be more expensive than TV, broadband and phone. You don’t of course actually have to use the phone if you get it in your package. 

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