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Intermittent audio sync issues

Joining in

Hi we have the VM 360 box, since installation we get intermittent audio sync issues. Not all the time, no pattern as to when it happens but the audio will get further and further out of sync with the picture.

The only way to normally sort it, is to turn the box of and back on again.

Irritating as it will happen at least once a day.

Have tried messing with audio settings and no luck.

An engineer has been out on an unrelated matter and changed the cable and this hasn't done anything.

It it just a box connecting with HDMI cable to main input on a standard 3 year old television. Nothing fancy, no sound bar etc...

Any ideas?



Community elder

Have you tried a different HDMI connector on the TV, if it's connected to a HDMI-ARC connector try connecting to a non HDMI-ARC connector.


yeh have used another HDMI cable same problem.

Have you tried a different connector on the TV.


If you mean other HDMI ports yes.

Hi @1pexpert 


Thanks for your post and sorry to hear about the issue with your box audio


Have you noticed if the audio sync issue only occurs on certain channels? Have you tried changing channels when the issue happens?



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No pattern to which channels it happens on and when, it also happens on the apps such as Netflix.

When you change the channel, the audio sync issues remain. The only thing that stops it is a box power cycle.

Many thanks

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey 1pexpert, thanks for your posts and replies.
We're sorry to see the issue has been ongoing and there's no pattern as to which channels or time this sound intermittencies occur.

To ensure all checks have been made correctly, please kindly follow the below instructions:


1. If you have home AV equipment ensure this is configured correctly to receive audio, if in doubt, connect the TV directly to the STB

2. You can adjust the Audio output setting by navigating to Home>Setting>Audio & Video> Audio Output, ask the Customer to try testing the available settings of ‘Follow content’ ‘PCM 2.0’ ‘PCM 5.1’

3. You can adjust the audio sync by navigating to Home>Setting>Audio & Video and selecting the option for Audio Delay.

(Note:- Channels broadcast in multiple formats and depending on what is currently playing will depend on whether you are setting a Dolby Digital or PCM audio delay. You may need to find broadcasts of each to adjust for both formats)

4. Channel away from the programme you are currently viewing and then return using the remote control


Did any of these checks resolve the issue?

Forum Team

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1 - no AV equipment

2 - tried this doesn't work

3 - This only goes one way and I shouldn't have to do this intermittently every time the box throws a wobbly.

4 - This doesn't work.

The only solution has been to power cycle the box. 

This is not good enough for your top TV package and you need to look at the hardware/software as others have reported similar issues.

Thanks for the reply @1pexpert on the forums 🙂

Are you able to run some home diagnostics here on the box?
These home checks will do health checks on the box to ensure it is not the equipment that is faulty.
Let us know what it says.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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