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ITV X parental control popup

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When trying to watch a catch up program through ITV X I get an annoying popup stating that parental controls are OFF do I still want to watch the program before the program will start. I don't get this popup when doing exactly the same through Freeview or Firestick only when watching through Virgin. As far as I know  have "switched off" ALL parental controls.

Anyone know the way to get rid of this extremely annoying popup message?




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi charliepiece 

I would say this is due to ITVX themselves and how they have coded their app for the various devices.

I've just tested this using the ITVX app to watch Love Island on my 360, LG TV and firestick. 

Parental controls are turned Off on each device, but each device showed the pop up screen when initially attempting to play that Love Island program, probably because it's before the watershed.

When I tried accessing the same episode of Love Island again on the firestick, and tested other 'pre-watershed programs'  on the firestick, I was able to access them all without the pop up re-appearing.

However both my 360 and LGTV still showed the parental controls pop up when trying to play Love Island again,  and any other 'pre-watershed' programs.

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Alessandro Volta

This is a function of ITV X, and there is no way to remove it, even for pre-watershed programmes.  Annoying isn't it!

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