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Amazon Fire TV Cube and VM360 Box

Joining in

I am looking to get the fire tv cube but wanted to know, if it will upscale the 360 Box image?

some of the older programs look NAFF on the 360 Box, and i was hoping to run the 360 box signal through the Fire tv box for the upscaling



Community elder

If the cube upscales the HDMI input you will need to set the 360 boxes resolution setting to 1080 or lower to see if it upscales better than the 360 box because if the box is set to automatic and connected to a 4K TV the cube won't be able to upscale.

You could try setting the box to 1080 and see if your TV upscales the picture better than the 360 it has been known for some TV's to do a better job.


Alessandro Volta

The Cube has “HDMI Input Passthrough” which you can set to ON or OFF. Broadcast programmes in HD have a resolution of 1080i and you can set the 360's resolution to that and set Passthrough to OFF, but this is going to be a hassle for non-1080i resolutions.

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