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What was your first computer?

I recently reminisced about my first computer, an Amiga 600 in the mid-90s. I'm sure you've all had some weird and wonderful systems over the years, but what was the first? What was good (or not so good) about it? Personally I loved playing Settlers ...

Kev_B by Community Manager (Retired)
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Resolved! Http error 500 DNS server

Hi, please help I’m trying access and edit my Wordpress page that I’ve used on the same PC for last 8 years, using vitigin media for sane length of time. I had a new HuB 5 2 wks ago. Now I keep getting an http error 500 on this page and I can’t clear...

nwade10 by Joining in
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Website not accessible on Virgin Media (or BT)

Hi allI have an issue with the website not being accessible on Virgin Media (or BT). It's fine for everyone else - Sky, Talk Talk etc. Some people see the message: 'Safari cannot open the page because the server cannot...

Virgin HUB FIVE WiFi 6

Hi since an engineer did a pin hole reset on my Virgin HUB FIVE I've lost my WiFi 6 on my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G  Any help please? Kind regards   Dean  

Resolved! Does V6 box have line out audio?

I bought a USB HDMI capture dongle for my laptop and whilst the video capture is fine, the audio is loud, distorts, clips and drops out completely after a while.I guess its because the audio is an amplified and not a line level output. I looked on th...

G4DDS by Well-informed
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Issues querying certain R53 resolvers

I’m having issues obtaining a DNS response from four AWS R53 resolvers.I receive timeouts when querying over UDP/53.—— Anyone know how I might get this investigat...

BBC1 HD. The Final Frontier

BBC1 HD English regions are finally rolling out on terrestrial Freeview TV, the last remaining platform not to carry them.Six regions are due to change today (22 March), with the remaining ones by the end of April. Older TVs may need retuning.https:/...

nodrogd by Very Insightful Person
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Maybe this is how speed tests should be run

SpoilerMar 20 12:55:29 linkcheck[629]: linkcheck[629]: linkcheck.launch_speedtest(): launching speedtestMar 20 12:55:29 linkcheck[629]: linkcheck[629]: linkcheck.run_speedtest(): using [if!eth9] as source_interface for speedtestMar 20 12:55:30 linkch...

Tudor by Very Insightful Person
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Resolved! Order Your Hub 3

I got a letter through the post telling me that i am eligable to order a hub 3. I went through the online order form and once completed it said that i will recieve an e-mail with confermation, How long does it take to get the confermation e-mail?

Wikes098 by Joining in
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Waiting for my broadband

Hi I am a new customer and I need to know when my broadband will be all set up, as at the moment the Internet is my lifeline and I can't be without it

CAPITCHA customer services

Does not recognise my phone number but seems perhaps to recognise my wife's which end in 4 whereas mine ends in 3. A fatal miskeying on my part?