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What was your first computer?

I recently reminisced about my first computer, an Amiga 600 in the mid-90s. I'm sure you've all had some weird and wonderful systems over the years, but what was the first? What was good (or not so good) about it? Personally I loved playing Settlers ...

Kev_B by Community Manager (Retired)
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Virgin installing new cabinets in my area

Hi,Wondering if anyone knows what virgin are up to in my area. We've had virgin in my area for years, since the telewest days, now virgin are installing new smaller cabinets next to their existing ones. Is this their new FTTP? 

billyg051 by On our wavelength
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FTP issues with Hitron CGNV4-FX4

I am trying to help my club with an FTP issue. The Club is a Virgin Business customer with a Hitron CGNV4-FX4 router in Modem mode. Applications native FTP is failing with a timeout using Wireshark it looks like there is a packet timeout issue as I c...


Not to sure who to contact , but wanted to praise a staff member called Bri who worked as an engineer. Engineer number is 42944. Absolutely amazing customer service to solving the issue that I had encountered in my household  

Adeel1 by Joining in
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Wired cable up wall

Just wandering why you put all the cables up the front of the house then over the roof and down the back as it looks terrible 

Different types of Fibre technologies

There are so many companies offering fibre broadband, I just wanted to know which of these are true fibre and which are a hybrid.Am I right in thinking true fibre will have an optical node termination box?BT offer this with FTTP. Does Virgin offer tr...

mda99das by Up to speed
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Resolved! Moving to VOIP May 2023

OK So our phone is moving to VOIP in May and I have a few questions ---1 What codec is used for VM VOIP (will call quality be better)?2 How may REN does the TEL1 support on hub 3 - I need to have a real bell and it it 1.5REN?3 Will my 'number withhel...

asklowey by Tuning in
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Resolved! Remove NTL boxes

Hi,I want to have some old NTL boxes removed.  How do I get this done?  Can I simply terminate the cable myself?

Virgin services

Having received a new tv box and router back in April I duly replaced both items in exactly the same place as the old ones - firstly the tv box cable was faulty so had no tv services for weeks until and engineer came out  - our router works(!) but ou...

zeb146 by Tuning in
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