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Virgin TV Go streaming not working

Tuning in


For the last couple of weeks, when trying to watch live TV through the TV Go website on a Windows 10 PC the stream would cut out every 2 or 3 minutes (showing an error "Sorry - we can't play this at the moment"), forcing me to reload the page to continue watching. Logging out and in again, clearing cache/cookies, and rebooting did nothing to stop this.

Now though, I cannot stream anything whatsoever. It will load the home page, but selecting a channel will just show a black screen and then eventually "No connection - not connected to the internet", which is not the case. I have tried other devices, and none of them work. I've tried on wifi and mobile data, so it's not the network. I'm guessing this is an account related issue, as it is not device specific and there doesn't seem to be a widespread outage of TV Go currently.

Could someone help fix this for me please?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello mh15


Sorry to hear of the TV Go issues experienced, we appreciate you providing the detailed run down of the issue and the steps taken by yourself to resolve this.


You mentioned the error 'No connection - not connected to the internet' do you get this with any other streaming services via the device? What were you trying to watch via TV Go when you experienced the issue?

Tuning in


No, other streaming services are working fine on the device. I removed the device from my devices in TV Go and re added it, which seemed to have fixed the 'No connection' issue. But now, I'm back to 2-3 minutes of streaming before having to refresh the page to continue watching, which is unacceptable. Trying to watch Eurosport mainly, but I've tested other channels and they do the same thing.

Hi @mh15,

Does the device also have a strong and stable signal where you are in the property?


Zach - Forum Team
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