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Virgin TV GO still not working!

Up to speed

After previously posting on here and several calls to the God awful and rude customer service advisors, passed from person to person, my Virgin TV Go app is still not working. As already advised, this on both my Android 13 smartphone and my Microsoft 11 laptop computer. The live TV and channel guide will not load with the message "Oops - something went wrong! Please try again later." This has been ongoing for nearly 2 months now to no avail.



Community elder

Hi Fox35,

My Android phone is running V14 and the TVGO app is V5.07.8308 and have no problem viewing the guide, no problems with my Windows 11 pc, do you get this message before you sign in or when you sign in, you should be able to view the guide without signing in.

I assume you have tried clearing the cache, deleting the app and reloading the app again.


Thanks for your reply @roy247. Yes, to all of the above that you suggested. Clearly an account or software fault at VM end for it to effect two different devices.

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If you can't see the guide before you sign in then it shouldn't be an account issue, this will get moved to the App board by one of the VIP's and hopefully one of the forum team will pick this up in 1 or 2 days.


Thanks again. No, there is no guide. It displays "No channels available. You can modify your channel line-up in the settings menu." which obviously I have tried several times. The box sets and movies loads up but will not let me watch anything, just an option to add to "+ Watchlist" which is weird because I have V6 not 360 boxes.

Also, I was informed last Friday from a terrible telephone advisor that somebody from the App/tech people would contact me on Monday which they did not.

Up to speed

Update: The Live TV and TV Guide mysteriously started working again this afternoon on both my phone and laptop devices. Clearly, someone in the App department had flicked a switch on my account after me posting here, as I had changed nothing at my end. Thank you.


Hi @Fox35 

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community.

Sorry to hear of the issues with TV Go. A ticket was raised which is higher than an IT ticket. 

This means the usual 5 working days doesn't apply I'm afraid and the team would contact you when they have information.

I'll send you a PM though to assist further.

Forum Team

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Hi Fox35,

Thanks for posting, and sorry to hear you've had some issues with TV GO.

We're glad to hear things have been resolved! IF you do still need help with anything please let us know.