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TV go Registered devices limit

Joining in

I recently started using the Virgin TV go website to watch Stargate SG1 in my office.

The problem is EVERY TIME i load firefox up it tells me to re-register a device! This has now come to the point it is telling me to wait until November 1st to change a device.
This PC is the ONLY device I have tried accessing the service on. it ALWAYS takes me to the HTTPS:// version of the site, and now I can not watch anything from my saved programs.

I have set and .com to not clear cookies or cache, and also the to do the same but when logging in today it has still told me to register as another device. MY IP did not change, my DNS did not change, the computer was left on from the last time I used the service, and i even left the browser window OPEN so it would not clear accidentally.

Please sort something or stop it requiring cookies AND cache to verify that I am accessing a service I pay for.
I understand the need for me not to be using the service from somewhere outside my registered devices but this is the ONLY device the service is "registered" to and it NEVER seems to stick even with the browser being left open.

Please help as I have now lost access to part of my service.

Thank you.


Hi Sdfitz,

Thanks for getting back to us. We will be more than happy to reset your TVGO device limit for you. I'll pop you over a private message now to take some details from you. Please click on the envelope at the top of the page to accept the chat.

Kind regards Jodi.