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Error code: VGC-4253024462:4253024462

Joining in

I cannot watch SkySports on the desktop player - it initially connects and then this error comes onto the screen.

I'm a UK Virgin Media customer with full subscription.

I've just logged out and logged in again with the same result.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello costej14,

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums and a very warm welcome to you!

Sorry this post hasn't been answered sooner, and that you've been having issues with the Sky Sports on Desktop player


Have you spoken to Sky or a Virgin Media member of staff since your post regarding this issue? Are you currently attempting to watch live content whilst in the UK? 


Drop us a response and either I, or one of my colleagues will be happy to pick it up for you


Kindest regards, David_Bn

Tried virgin media, they were no help and was a rather frustrating conversation to be honest.

The app has never worked as a desktop player unfortunately!




Sorry to hear that you've had some frustrations when speaking to one of our team.


Have you tried using different browsers?

Do you have any kind of recording/screen capture programmes running as that could be causing the issue?





yes every browser redirect me to the desktop application which is for skysports only.

Nothing else running

Can you try clearing cache/cookies for me to see if this fixes things?


Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Joining in

I have this exact same problem: the app starts up, plays about 7 seconds and then stops, giving message

Error code: VGC-4253024462:4253024462. "We're really sorry but something went wrong.Please try connecting again." 

Have tried clearing cache, cookies, rebooting, uninstalling and reinstalling but to no avail. Only started recently - maybe within the past two weeks. Is there a solution yet?

Hi Dougie75 welcome to our community and thanks for posting.


I am sorry to hear you're having issues watching Sky Sports via TV Go.  Can you please confirm that you're attempting to watch via the SKY Sports App?  There is a section on there for Virgin Media customers.  Can you also please advise if the app is registered on more than one advice?  You can confirm this here


Please keep us posted.





Hi, thanks for replying. I believe I have resolved the issue. It was some malware that had infected my MacBook. I downloaded some antivirus software and it seems to have cleared it and my Sky Sports App (via Virgin media) is working again. 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

That is great news Dougie75 🙂


Thanks Joe_F