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Channel 4 using the TVGO App on a Windows 11 Laptop shows 'Not available'

Dialled in

Trying to watch Channel 4 for the England match tonight and the same error is still present from Monday night when I tried to watch the England game on Channel 4:

Not available - Sorry - we can't play this at the moment 1002

What is this error and why is it happening? This means I will not be able to watch the England match for the second time this week! Tried to watch on Channel 4 website and the server was overloaded!!


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Web-Junkie 

The TVGO app is working fine for me on my PC, as is the channel 4 browser version 

It's also working via the TV guide on   Clicking on the program in the freeview guide redirects me to the above link

Have you tried a different browser or incognito window?

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Dialled in

Channel 4 website is now working, wasn't on Monday though! Channel 4 via the TVGO App is still not working! I also (not your fault) I should not have to keep jumping through hoops to watch what I pay for because Virgins own TV App doesn't work!

I can watch Sky Sports / BBC on the TV but on PC/Laptop I have to sign into Sky Sports and download another App, sign into BBC to watch BBC on iPlayer, what a complete joke, why can't I just watch everything simply and easily through Virgins own TV App, i'm paying them for the TV service!