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Web safe settings

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Hello. Could someone help me with web safe. I want to have child protection on but how do I separate adults devices from children? I do not want the same categories be blocked for us. Also if I set time limits how do I choose which devices it is applied for? Either this settings are missing it or I am missing something within those settings. Is there any way to block tiktok directly on the VM Hub? Thank you. 



Some of the controls may be available via the VM Online Account.

Adults could perhaps make use of the VM Hub's Guest Wi-Fi.

Be fully aware that most of the controls provided by Child Safe and MAC blocking are very simple to bypass.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

You can also manually set the Adults devices to use, for example Googles DNS Servers - and

This will ensure other devices will get their DNS settings from the VM Hub, i.e. with Websafe and Childsafe enabled.

However as noted, this is very easy to bypass.

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