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TNT sport price query

Tuning in


I just added TNT sports which showed as only £5 extra per month (£18 a month with a £13 discount) but now added, the email confirmation says it is £16.20 per month?

Has anyone else had this happen? I don't fancy paying that much for it.



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Hi all,

Thanks for making us aware of this issue which we’ve been working to fix.

During a recent Champions League football match, we promoted an offer for TNT Sports at £5 a month for Stream customers. Unfortunately, we have identified an issue where customers were incorrectly overcharged for their TNT Sports subscription through Stream.

We’ll be sending a text message out shortly to inform all affected customers, and any credits will be applied to ensure all is corrected and customers do not need to take any further action.

We’re sorry that this has occurred, and we appreciate your patience on this matter.

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On our wavelength

Yourself and myself and at least one other person are all in the same position. No body from Virgin is able to help as yet, appears we have all been stitch up. I am thinking I will take the matter to ofcom 

I thought I saw another post about it on here but now I can't find it. Annoyed I didn't take a screenshot as proof

Hope they resolve it for you

I wish I took a photo too. The problem is VM customer services just don’t care. I have now cancelled it, I don’t want to pay £16.20 a month when it’s supposed to be £5. I will leave virgin, I can’t deal with their incompetence

If you go back to the stream add on page on their website, does it show that you can add it back on at £5? If it does we can get a screenshot to show them 

Tuning in


Same thing happened with me. I did take a photo of the offer though. Spoke to them on the phone. Got told nothing they could do about it. Quite disappointed in the way they’ve handled it 

Hey jlbj1994, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community I am so sorry to hear about this.

I can see from our side you've spoke to the team since this was posted.

Did they manage to help at all/?

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

How about all the others like me that have posted with the same issue ? Nobody has reached out at all 

Hi Matt, thank you for your reply. Yes I spoke to two advisors on WhatsApp but none of them resolved it (and one didn't seem to understand my query at all) so this is still not resolved.

I (and the others on this thread) would just like to ensure we are only going to be billed £5 for the TNT sport addon as it was advertised when we added it.