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Stream box isnt working at all!

Joining in


My stream box has suddenly decided to stop working!

No idea what's happened to it was watching eastenders one minute the next it's off no lights showing. Tried unplugging it and leaving it for 10 mins still the same. Checked all the wires were plugged in they were fine. 

Can anyone advise me on what to do or how I go about this problem please?

I don't have a smart tv so can't watch any Netflix on my telly now really gutted


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Jas_nessa


Sorry to hear of the issues with your TV service and Stream box, we understand the confusion this has caused and appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums. Welcome to the community.


It's been a few days since your post, we can see you have spoken to the team during this time, we're they able to assist with your query and offer a resolution?


Let us know.



Yeah I reached out via WhatsApp and got a whole new set up delivered thanks for checking up!