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Stream box CS9994 error though hub is working fine

Joining in

I recently moved house, and have been having issues with my stream box since the move. In my old house the box was connected to the hub with an Ethernet cable, but this house is WiFi as the TV and hub are in different rooms.

When I first start the TV up it works fine, but within about 5 minutes the connection drops and I get the CS9994 error code. The diagnostics on the TV says the hub isn’t connected to the internet - which isn’t true as all other devices work fine. I usually just click on the settings menu on the stream box and select WiFi connection again and after a few minutes it will start working. 

Most of the time after that it will work ok, but last night it dropped out again another time when watching. 

I tried the help page for the code on the virgin media website, but after the first page you click next and get page not found! 

Any suggestions? Thanks.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey KB290, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community I am so sorry to hear about this.

Code CS9994 means there's an issue with the broadband connection. The WiFi Hub isn't connected to the internet, which means many of your TV box features won't be working properly.

How is your broadband is everything okay apart from this box?

How often has this been happening? 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Hi Matt,

It happens almost every day, usually about 5-10 minutes after we switch the TV on it drops off and we get this error code. It then recovers and works fine after a few minutes. 

But although it says on the TV that there is no connection between the hub and the internet, the hub still shows as being connected and we can use other devices on WiFi at the same time with no issues.

Thanks in advance 

Hi @KB29O thanks for your reply.

You'd mentioned earlier that it was previously connected via ethernet in the old property, do you know if it works via ethernet in the way it used to, is it possible to test this? 

If not, then you may require WiFi Pods if the signal isn't stretching to how the Stream box requires to work efficiently.

If you are on a Volt or 1GB contract, then the WiFi Max (Pods) are free of charge, if not they are £8 a month - please see here for more info.

We hope this helps and please let us know if you need anymore assistance. 

Many thanks