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Remove Adverts and PIN

Joining in

Will there ever be a way of paying extra to remove ads on VOD? I would happily pay like £3-£5 extra a month so I don't have to fast forward 4 times within one episode.

I already have to type in a PIN to watch the next episode each time, which I can't turn off - even though there is not a child in sight in my home.

It's funny to me that there is an ad campaign at the moment to "binge-watch your favourite TV series on Virgin" but it is made so painful by both of these things!

Pretty much all other streaming services already offer disabling ads and PINs.

Please please PLEASE look into this!!!!


Alessandro Volta

You can file a case with OFCOM to change its "Protecting the under-eighteens" policy which requires a PIN protection system which cannot be removed by the user to enforce "Mandatory restricted access" and "Mandatory daytime protection".

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey emmaipod, thank you for reaching out and a warm wecolme to the community I am sorry to hear this. 

We do have to keep the pin one as its currently  the law to do so but we understand this can be frustrating.

This is something we can feed back for you, however right now we do plan on keeping it on how it is.

Matt - Forum Team

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