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Manage stream page wouldn't load so can't remove channels

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Becoming increasing frustrated with this as I add TNT package package for a month in January and I've been trying to cancel it following this as only needed for the month. Every time I log into my account to manage my stream plan it won't load the page and just circles around the virgin logo. I have had stream for over 12 months with no problems adding and removing channels as we want them which is ideal for us rather than a sky package but starting to become frustrated at increasing bills and not having the freedom to add and remove channels as it is sold. I am being charged for channels i no longer want but have no way of cancelling them and every time i chat to virgin online I get nowhere just past to different teams and then nothing. I now have a bill for TNT until beginning of April which isn't right when I have been trying to cancel this since 1st week of Feb. 

Is anyone else having issues with managing stream page not loading so no access to remove or add packages? does anyone have any solutions of how to get this removed so virgin aren't charging me for things I don't want  


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This has been may screen every time i try to manage my stream account. Doesn't matter if I use app, laptop or what internet browser I use still won't load 

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Been like this for a week now, when I phoned about changing subscriptions the operative told me I couldn't use the app on the box and would have to use the webpage but it was down for 24 hour maintenance and would be back up again. Wish staff would get some training on the services and how they work? 

Hi Christina89 👋🏼.

Thank you for posting and welcoming back onto the community forum 😊.

Sorry to see you are trying to make changes to your package and aren't able to do so ☹.

So I can further investigate 🧐, I will have to private message you.

Please watch out for the envelope ✉.

Ari - Forum Team

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Currently exactly the same for me as Christina89. I've attached screenshots:









1) Logged into My Virgin Media page online ( and selected 'your package' (outlined in yellow), which takes me to…


2) On the 'Your package' screen (, selected 'Stream' (outlined in yellow), which takes me to…


3) On the Stream page (… nothing. Won't connect.

I currently have a ticket open because my watchlist link in the app is broken, in common with others on this forum. I cannot understand why VM keep breaking connections like this.

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Just posting to say I'm having the exact issue as described by iXNine

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I am having the same issue - I am a new customer to Virgin and Stream and this is not a good first look into your services...

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I'm having the exact same issue as everyone else that has posted in this thread. I'm also paying for sky sports with my virgin media package (this was organised on the phone), however, when I try to access sky sports through virgin media on my tv, laptop or phone - sky sports says I do not have access to sky sports channels because it is not in my subscription - I can't even check if this is the case because the virgin media stream account information won't load as stated above. Any help from a Virgin media person would be greatly appreciated. It is very disappointing considering the cost of adding sky sports onto my plan. 

add me to the list. I have the same issue.