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I have a Hub3 and a 360 box supposedly with 250 download speeds. When I checked a couple of months ago a problem was being reported in status for tv and broadband in my area. I got in touch requesting fix updates but got sucked into the problem being mine, with no comment about the status for the issues Virgin was reporting. I dutifully and reluctantly did re-start and factory re-set more than once and lost faith in the support on offer. Then out of the blue I have received a cable (push fit) where mine appears to be screw type. Even if I was willing to mess with it, my understanding of where it is intended for is zero, especially after reading the messages and answers on this Community. 

However I will ask if anyone can explain which cable they expect me to replace with the one sent. One end is marked splitter or broadband, the other wall socket. Now this looks quite a lengthy cable which will fit in well with all the other mileage of cable in "the corner that must not be disturbed" expect for the "one cable" (to rule them all?) from the wall socket to the splitter which is appropriately only about a foot long. Is this what I am to replace? And why this and not the other side of the splitter?

Can anyone offer any logic but totally dumbed down to layman's terms, please?

Oh and speeds have been more the 70 mark, except for when they are 260 and fine!! So trying to determine if it is slow or fast would rely on me continually testing and sacrificing more of my life to running speed tests.



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Does this site show a consistent speed:


On our wavelength

Hi Carl, I've just tried this suggestion, thanks, but it says it doesn't work on this network. I'll have to follow the next steps to see if I can get to use it.....

I've done a speedtest on Ookla and that was 263mb so this is why I'm not convinced it is cable problems when it can be fine and right up to speed.