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Signal Strength Pod

Tuning in

Hello, I have recently received a pod for signal strength enhancer. I have followed all the instruction(s) on how to install; besides, I have plugged in the pod in different locations in my house, from a metre from the Hub 3 router to as far away from the router/Hub3 and in between(s) the hub and the farthest point in my house. There is no difference whatsoever .. NONE. I have had the same Hub for the last 2 years. Is it then possible that my Hub 3 is faulty and to blame. Both my One Plus phone and Signal Strength App give similar results about signal strength. My best signal strength result with or without the Pod varies between -89 to -97dBm. The best result is near the farthest point from the router/Hub3 The Wi-Fi speed at the location of the router/Hub3 is about 130Mbps.


Alessandro Volta

Your speed is fine by wifi VM will say if you think you can do better by wifi get your own router with 1Gb ports and AP put hub in modem mode


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

How long did you leave the Pod beside the Hub to pair?  It can take a couple of days for the Intelligent Wifi to optimise the Pod.  Did you check with the Connect App that the Pod was working and the phone was connecting?

Did you make sure the Hub is using "out of the box" settings?  i.e. Single SSID and Wifi Optimisation is On.?

What did your Wifi analyser show regarding other SSID's and channel clashes etc.?

As an aside my Wifi shows -43dBm at about 4 meters.

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Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @becon12,
Thank you for your post 😊 I am sorry to hear you are having issues with your Pod, and I have checked your pod is working fine. However I have done further checks and can see there is an issue in your downstream which could be causing some issues, a tech visit will sort this out for you, I can get this booked in for you and drop you a PM to get booked in 😊 Thank you @legacy1 and @Adduxi for your help on this ❤
Just keep an eye out for the little envelope 👀📩

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thank you for messaging with me @becon12, I am glad I could book this in for you. Please let us know how you get on. As this was a fault we have found you should not be charged, but please be aware if any of the following occur there may be a £25.00 charge.
•    The customer is not present for the technician visit (aka a missed appointment).
•    The fault is due to customer's own equipment.
•    The fault is due to damage caused by someone at the customer's premises which we were not aware of.
•    The fault is due to theft, loss, or removal of equipment.