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RFoG will not receive the 100mbs upload?

Dialled in

Lots of people had the 100mbs upload today. 

but from what I have been reading those on RFoG connections will not be getting the 100mbs upload due to the limitations of the technology used..


@newapollo wrote:

Hi @Martyn 

As far as I'm aware XGS-PON customers are currently planned to receive the upload speed boost at the end of the month, so the email may have been sent out early.

I'm still finding it beyond comedy that @Martyn and others like him are sharing 8.5 Gbps of upload speed with a handful of other people at most, can't be more than 64 even if VM managed to get every house to connect, and they don't even get the same upload as areas sharing 150 Mbit.

Think the sales guys are concerned about the XGSPON showing up the cable areas. A few people on full fibre having 10 times the upload of those on the other full fibre and the 'fibre optic' cable network is potentially dicey.

I'm on 200mb upload now haha 😛

Connection: Virgin FTTP Gig2 (XGSPON)