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New hub 5, upload 100Mb, download 40Mb

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Today I installed a hub 5.  Getting 100Mb on the upload,  40Mb ish on the download.  Cable connection.  Going online to do their fault find just re-sets  the box and means I have to wait twenty minutes again and again.  Is there a way to speak to somebody, very bad service if I can't?  Wish I'd gone with Zen a this moment, the reason I kept Virgin was because I didn't want any hassles changing over.    I don't use Whatsapp but it looks like I have to install it and then wait for somebody to get back to me.  


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Well I finally got to a chat.  First they blamed my equipment. Then they said it would take some time to "get paired on the network", when I asked how long that might take they said 15mins, to which I replied that I had been doing this for hours and reset the router several times.  Next they asked me to reboot the router and the download speed shot up to 250mb.  So I will wait a bit and see if it goes up to the 1gb I have been promised. Hopefully some Virgin staff will read this and flick the correct switch to turn on the 1gb download? 

What i would like to ask is this:  If I am consistently getting 100mb upload (the upload speed I was promised) then it can't be my equipment at fault can it?   I am using a newish cat 6 cable and it is not trailing across a floor getting kicked around or beaten up in any way. 



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What does this site show?


Alessandro Volta

Well I tell you if realspeed show fine to the hub and the real issue is dropped packets in the downstream causing TCP to slow the speed and that realspeed blasts the connection ignores dropped packets then there is reason not to trust realspeed.


@legacy1 wrote:

Well I tell you if realspeed show fine to the hub and the real issue is dropped packets in the downstream causing TCP to slow the speed and that realspeed blasts the connection ignores dropped packets then there is reason not to trust realspeed.


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Thank you. It seems to be stable now but only giving me 250Mb download. However I have a wifi problem, I can't connect my phone, it accepts the password but says "unable to obtain IP address". When I log into the router GUI I can see the phone MAC address but there is no IP address (wired devices do show an IP address on the same list). Phone is a Nokia G22. 

If a Virgin employee is reading this, if you can't provide a solution how about you send me a new hub? 



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Well I rebooted the hub and it is down to 40Mb again.  Really terrible, if the speed is consistent at 250Mb, then I reboot the hub and it drops to 40Mb then it isn't my equipment.  Virgin the problem is at your end please fix

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I called customer services and spoke to somebody. They kept insisting that I am on Volt 350, and that my speed should be 30 or 40 mbps.  I said no I got a different contract after a phone call a few days ago.  Then the person I was speaking to got quite assertive  insisting that I was on Volt 350.  I opened up my email and told her I had a different contract and she wasn't interested in listening to why I thought that and just kept shouting me down saying stuff like "i can see your contract on my screen". Eventually I managed to read her the detail of the contract which I received by email and she reluctantly went off to sort it out with a supervisor, and at present I am waiting for her to come back with some kind of response. 

This explains why I consistently get 40Mbps, that is, because they reckon that is what I am on.  In that chat I had where the speed went up to 250Mbps somebody must have flicked a switch to raise the speed, then when I restarted the router it dropped back to 40Mbps because that is what they reckon I am on. 

And very annoyingly at one point the person I was speaking to said that all Virgin are obliged to supply me with is 40Mbps regardless of what speed I pay for. Is that right? Anyway saying that didn't do very much towards taking the heat out of the conversation. 

She (CS rep) is going to sort it and call me back. 

It looks very much like my contract has not reached the part of the company which sets up the speed limits.  What really pees me off here is that I was fobbed of with excuses like "it is your equipment" and told it takes some time to "get paired on the network". And that I had such a battle getting the CS rep to even consider that possibility that I had an email confirming that I ha have a different contract to the one she could see on her screen. 

(sorry to bore you with such detail I am taking screenshots for a potential complaint). 


Look at the Configuration tab of the Hub 5, what is the Max Downstream & Upstream rate profile showing ?

Share a screen shot of the Full Test results from Realspeed this will explain where the speed is being lost.

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My download speed has gone up to 250Mbps

I just spoke to CS, an Indian sounding guy who did a great job.  He could see that my contract has been updated properly, and that the download speed  is set to 1Gbps.  But he could also see that my hub is only delivering a max of 250Mbps, and he said that it indicates a fault somewhere with my equipment and has booked a technician visit. 


Quick question: the co-axial cable from the pavement into my house was installed 23yrs ago, could it be out of date?