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Is it even possible to get close to full speed via modem mode?

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I am using a TP-Link Archer AX11000, but i am wondering if it's even possible to get close to 1GB through it? While doing speed tests i get between 500/600, obviously when i use the VM hub for testing purposes i get 1.1GB at least which is normal. I've seen people claiming to get over 1GB with modem mode/routers, yet the closest i got was with a cheap switch that kept breaking/disconnecting so i sent it back to Amazon. I've put my PC in safe mode with networking and it has gone up a lot more, but i am wondering at this point what is causing the speed bottleneck in the background of my pc too. Thanks.


Alessandro Volta

With the hub in modem mode connect only a PC/laptop and see what speeds you get.

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Alessandro Volta

what do you mean you get 1.1Gb with the hub is that by realspeed?

test hub in modem mode without a router and see what speed you get.


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Very Insightful Person

Simple answer yes. Hub5 modem mode and Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro router. Speed test run on my router today: 

Jul 7 04:28:27 linkcheck[746]: linkcheck[746]: linkcheck.run_speedtest(): Completed: Downlink 1154.000 Mbps, Uplink 105.000 Mbps

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