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I think there is a fault with my setup.

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I have recently moved house, we had to have virgin media reconnect us on a new setup until my contract finishes next year.

The customer care via the telephone is abysmal. No one listens just tries to tell me I’m stupid basically. 

I’ve just been told that apparently when you pay for a broadband service I.e 500mb you only will get up to 250 and as I’ve upgraded to 1gig fibre that me getting 500mb is as high as I’m allowed to have?

when connecting my gaming devices the Nat type is always restricted! And my WiFi speed when downloading on 1gig fibre via WiFi in the next room is 150mb? 

On a wired connection to the hub all I’m getting is 600mb. So when I asked the question to the customer service rep if all I’m getting is 500mb on the 1gig I may aswell drop my package to the 500mb to which he said no because all you’ll get is 250mb?? 

At our last property I was on 300mb broadband with virgin and always got 275mb never an issue. Since moving and having a new install it’s been completely abysmal from the connection and the customer service.

Just to note also when I use the virgin app which I swear is rigged it says my connection to the hub is 1130mb from the test, yet from the hub wired to my Xbox is only allowing me 5 - 600mb???


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What does this site show?




So the first is my wired Xbox right next to the hub, the second is my other xbox which is on WiFi the hub and first Xbox are literally on the other side of that door.

When I’m downloading on my wired Xbox this is the standard download speed.

Always when turning on my WiFi Xbox I keep getting a restricted NAT also. Which severely interferes with online gaming services.


I have read on this forum that a simple thing as sending an engineer out to check the hub and the cable connecting the hub to the internal box can rectify the issue?

thanks for your reply, greatly appreciated. 

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Do you have a wired PC you could try?

The speed to the HUB looks ok, so is possibly a faulty HUB or just limitations of your devices.

Are the wired devices hard wired directly to the HUB or over powerline adapters, or any other device?

No I do not sorry,

I thought that maybe 500mb was the limit of the connection capabilities for the Xbox consoles but upon further investigation they can easily operate at 1gig download even over WiFi. 

What makes me think it’s a fault is because as soon as I take the first Xbox off a wired connection which is right next to the hub the WiFi connection is only between 150-200mb download speed.

Hi nigelwade88,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

I'm very sorry to hear about the issue you're having. 

We can certainly take a look into this. 

I will private message you now.