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Having issues with Upload, possible throttling | Thinking about cancelling.

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At approximately 18:30 each evening, I've noticed a significant drop in my upload speed. Despite troubleshooting on my end, it seems this issue may stem from external throttling measures rather than internal network issues.

This inconsistency in upload speed has been disruptive to my online activities. Additionally, I believe the pricing for my broadband package may not align with the level of service I'm receiving.

Despite attempts to reach out for assistance, I've faced difficulties in connecting with someone who can address these concerns directly.

I'm reaching out to the Virgin Media forums for assistance and clarification on these matters. Any insights or resolutions provided would be greatly appreciated.

I'm on the 350Mbs Package, this has only just started happening since returning to live streaming. Approximately 3 weeks ago. I don't stream over WiFi, only ethernet. 

Thank you for your attention to this matter



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VM do not throttle.

Create a BQM and post the live link.

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Just to clarify what carl_pearce, quite rightly has posted above, yes VM do not deliberately throttle connections. But the technology they use does a fairly good job of throttling itself if the local capacity isn't sufficient to accommodated the load at peak times. It is suggestive to see that your issues tend to start around 18:30, which would coincide with peak demand.

Alessandro Volta

What with people streaming like there game play upstream bandwidth gets put under load and so not enough bandwidth for you to go faster.

How is your ping at then times? What are your ping times when you do a upload?


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For those that claim Virgin do not throttle, I've been told in the past they do, and then they sell you another package lol. 

I ended up cancelling and moving to a new provider. Going up to 2GB Up/Down for £5 more a month and no price rise for two years.


Share a screen shot of the state of the service :

Once the test begins click on: Run full test to see all the stats for Upstream / Jitter / Packet Loss / Latency