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Gig2 + symmetric

Joining in

So on the 13th Feb I eagerly contacted VM to upgrade my package to GIG2 + symmetric. I was offered a good price. I signed up and accepted the contact etc etc. This is where the fun starts. I was told it would take 30/60 mins to apply and reboot router. I wanted 90 mins rebooted router and nothing. 

I give it all day nothing. Due to being busy on the Wed I couldn't contact VM contacted on Thursday 15th got told to wait another 24 hours. 

DIT: 20th Feb

09:10 called spoke with an agent, as soon as I started explaining it they told me they cant help and ended the call.

09:15 Called and spoke to another agent who was slightly more helpful and could see my conversation and that it had been agreed to apply but said he can't fix it as the price I was quoted wasn't something in his remit so put me on hold to speak to someone. I then got cut off. I assume he hung up

22 FEB

13:00 Spoke with an agent who told me that they dont sell GIG2 and that I am not paying more than I was contracted she quoted £33 and that is already £6 more than I am paying so it does look like they have half attempted to add the symmetric component to the package. The agent is going to call me back.

Still no response to my Email tho.

Still no resolution in sight 😞

22nd Feb 150:30 Had a WhatApp from VM;

`Thank you so much for your patience I am really sorry to keep you waiting.

I am really sorry to inform you that as the GIG 2 has been introduced recently we are facing some issues with the code which is not going through.

I am sorry to say that I will need to raise an IT ticket and send it to the IT team so that they can check on this and resolve the issue within 5 days. `

26th Feb. Call up retentions who tell me to go away and wait for an Email....... 




Fibre optic

They couldn’t run a @@@@ up in a brewery but we all know that 😉

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Zapto2600,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

I'm very sorry to hear about this. I am happy to take a look into this. 

I will private message you now to confirm your details.