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Virgin Media Netflix hacked

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So I visited my in laws yesterday and they explained they have has issues with virgin, so basically they can not get into Netflix on virgin media, when they open Netflix it has other peoples profiles on there and they have locked it with a pin. So I logged onto their Netflix account on my phone but their Netflix account is fine so it appears that someone has hacked their virgin media account and registered their own Netflix account.

I then tried to log on to virgin media to see if I can fix the issue from there, but virgin media doesn't recognise my father in laws email even when I try to reset the password your website does not have his email registered, which is strange because he receives emails from you regarding billing.


My father in law has spent weeks trying to speak to someone to help him and when he finally gets through to someone they hang up the phone on him. He has now lost his patience and sent an email and written letter to you explaining the issues, his bank advised he cancels his standing order to you which he has done but the only contact he has had from you is a letter advising him that his payments have stopped but no contact number or manager to call to discuss this.

He wants to cancel and move to sky, though I have advised in his area he gets much better coverage from virgin. This is causing him a lot of upset because he is not great with technology and he cant get through to someone to help him fix the issue, also him paying for this package is outrageous that he can not access this because someone has hacked him.

I have told him I will help fix this for him so can someone please get back to me regarding this either with advise how to fix the issue or a contact number I can call to get this issue resolved.



Forum Team
Forum Team


Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, we are sorry to hear your Father- In-Law is having issues with Netflix Via the box even though OK when signing in via your phone, we would need to have a look however as it is an Online account issue this is only something we can help the account holder with, are you able to call us when with him so we can help with all the below, if he belies he has been hacked the first thing is to change the Online Account password, select forgotten username and password first then answer the additional questions then change the password to something totally different to previously used.

Then un a virus scan on all devices used to log into his emails, you can find out more around this here.



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So does your father in law, have his own Netflix account irrespective of Virgin Media as you said you logged into their account?

Has he ever, ever linked or signed up for Netflix via Virgin Media? 

I’m going to suggest an explanation, some VM call centre workers are corrupt and are deliberately adding a Netflix subscription to various VM accounts, they then ‘sell’ these to third parties, said third parties get access to Netflix and the poor VM customer (ie your FIL) pays for it!

Now before you say that this is unlikely, please, please do browse this forum section and find many, many reports of exactly this happening. It has been going on for ages, and VM don’t seem to be too anxious to fix it!

Cancel, cancel VM NOW. "I have advised in his area he gets much better coverage from virgin”, I assume you mean faster speed, maybe true, but do Sky, rip him off and defraud him?

He hasn’t been hacked, despite what Paul_DN suggests. This is an inside job - just cancel and go elsewhere.


These are indeed profoundly suspicious Number-6 and have been going on for ages. Have a search on this forum of "Spanish" and there are posts going back at least 14 months. At one stage the issue allegedly reached the Chief Exec's office. However the scam merrily continues. Así es la vida cuando eres cliente de Virgin Media.

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