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Virgin Account Hacked & Package Upgraded

Joining in

Hi there, I'm looking for some advice as to the next steps.

It appears my account has been hacked and my account upgraded by someone/bot that had my personal details (name, email, billing date). 

After receiving a few emails from Virgin recently notifying me of changes to my account, I logged into my account and found that my tv/broadband package has been upgraded to a premium package. Not a great deal of difference but added Sky Sports amongst others which increased the package costs by ~£30/month and locked me in for another 24 months.


I spent the best part of a day communicating with Virgin via the WhatsApp chat attempting to get them to rectify the issue and revert me to my previous contract but to no avail. Virgin have since put me onto a new contract at roughly the same price as my original, however now been billed ~£30 for the 1 day that I was on the premium package.


My main issue is how someone managed to obtain my details and upgrade the account - and why. 

I've since registered a complaint with Virgin and submitted a freedom of information request to obtain a copy of the transcript between the fraudster and Virgin. The conversation very much reads like a bot conversation.


Can anyone suggest of any further steps that I should be taking? I'm hopeful of Virgin resolving this but with the fraudster having my details I'm wary that they may pin the blame on myself and absolve themselves.


Thanks in advance.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Nmcn86,

Thank you for your post. I'm very sorry to hear about what has happened with your package.

I am happy to take a look into this for you. 

I will private message you now to confirm your details.