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Re: Virgin calling from a 0788 number

Joining in

Hi David, hope you are well! 

I'm also experiencing the same issue. since my address didn't show when looking for broadband availability, I decided to put my info in so that virgin media can call me back regarding this issue. 

I got the same message, I found it very suspicious, and decided to wait till they call me back instead of me calling the so called "kerry" from "virgin media". 

I'm very disappointed with vigins customer support right now because I have been trying to get in contact with someone regarding broadband availability for a long time, but instead of begin ignored now, virgin has not  been able to keep my details safe from "Kerry" whom I presume to be a scammer.

David, I hope you can help with this. 

Many thanks,


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi TopicKing,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 😊

Sorry for any confusion with being contacted, our sales team can get in touch directly via text.

If you're unsure of anything you can contact the sales team directly on 0800 183 1234.