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usual new customer question

Joining in

Out of contract with Virgin media and have Phone, Tivo and Broadband with O2 volt as well.

I'll be cancelling soon as selling house, will be staying with family for at least a month then hopefully once I've found a new house signing up for Broadband only.

Is it likely I'll be considered a 'new' customer and get the better offers?



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The last time I did this it was a 90 day period.  However, some users have circumvented this by getting a partner to sign up as a new user.  I guess you will find out in due course  🙂  In my case I was able to avail of a very good Black Friday deal.

NOTE -  More importantly remember if you are using a VM email account, this will be scheduled for deleting in 90 days after you leave.  I would recommend you archive your entire mailbox and move to another email service that is not tied to an ISP, e.g. GMail, Outlook etc.

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