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Yet another Abysmal preinstall

Joining in

My frustrations with Virgin Media as a company are mounting increasingly, and I'm now starting to look at alternative options,

Due to an issue (that is now resolved) I have 2 appointments open for installation at my address,

One was scheduled for the 3rd of May after being moved from the 23rd of April, which doesn't actually show up in My Virgin media, and a second appointment that is scheduled for the 17th of May which going by other poors experiences I'm doubting will go ahead, which was originally scheduled for the 22nd of April,

Customer service is an absolute joke with numerous lies being told as to why preinstall is being delayed. With this many complaints, and delays surely it would be better to start using in house Contractors (I'm an Engineer myself so I know the workings of the industry) if you as a company are consistently being let down


I've asked numerous times now for a supervisor or someone higher up after being bounced from customer service agent to customer service agent with no such luck.


So now I'm reaching out here in the hopes that someone can escalate this process as the Pre-install team obviously can't




Alessandro Volta

Unfortunately, you are likely to be referred on here to the pre-installation and delivery team on 0800 052 1734 to report your issues. Alternatively you might get an offer to raise a complaint. Neither is likely to do anything much to help move your installation forward.

Once VM has taken your order, it is typically passed to the installation sub-contractors after which VM seems to have little/no interest or influence in how the installation progresses.

If you have had two dates to this point, was one for the cable installation and one for the installation/activation of your services?

You will be eligible for compensation for a delayed installation from the 'date initially confirmed in writing' when VM said it would activate your services.

but you may end up having to fight VM to get it by going to the ombudsman. So keep detailed records in a timeline format with linked pieces of evidence for all of VM's delays and false promises.

Its an odd one, so if we live at flat 666 at 123 made up way, our address technically didn't exist as only 123 made up way existed


I had to get them to create that address and in doing so they put two "Jobs" on the system, so I have a job in my name for 123 Made up way and a job for Flat 666 123 made up way (confusing I know)


We have had 1 engineer come out to tell us we need some external works carried out,


They have been out and marked the road up with Green Arrows and a T in a Square (we actually have two of those now)

We made the original appointment on the 5th of April and we are still waiting, the appointment has been moved 3 x now per "address" for a total of 6 times


Hi there @Stuart1989 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you here.

I am so sorry that you have faced this issue with your service and thank you again for posting. Can I just clarify, has a date for an outside installation been confirmed for you? If so has this been moved previously? 




The original install date was set for

9th April


I have emails stating that I have a moved date to 22nd and 23rd April

Then the 3rd May, 14th May and 17th May

Then I received an email stating 24th May and a second email stating 31st May

Hi @Stuart1989 

Thanks for coming back to us. We're sorry for the install delay. Normally all installs do take place on the date agreed. However, on occasion, extra works are required potentially requiring construction works to be undertaken. We apologise if this is the case and get the work done asap. We wouldn't be able to escalate this or expedite the work but can send you a PM, take you through security and advise the latest update on this.

I'll send you a PM now :).

Forum Team

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