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Virgin media broadband (Help)

Joining in

So I’ve been with Virgin media Broadband for about a week and from day one I’ve been having connection issue, my engineer put a 15db( something to reduce the connection to the box because he said it was coming in too high which could then cause the box to cut out)

My minimum guaranteed speed should be 54mbps but I am getting anywhere between 10-40 on a good day

The first problem we noticed was that we couldn’t watch a simple YouTube video in 1080p and then the internet keeps dropping in and out so I did a bit of research and found that separating the frequency and splitting up my devices between 2.4ghz and 5ghz could help with connection issue which I did.

Smart tv

So on the 2.4ghz the picture quality is okay and it can last a bit before dropping out and the 5ghz is definitely the best frequency for performance but it disconnects every 5m

Been on the phone with virgin more times that I can count these past few days and tbh they have been so useless, I don’t want to switch because I know the internet is good it’s just hooked up to a poorly made virgin box, I’ve read that it’s best to put virgin into modem mode and get a another router to broadcast signal which should fix my problem right ? any suggestion on what router to get ?


Wise owl

What does this site show?

The minimum guaranteed speed is over a wired connection.