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Upgrade of package - no increase in speed

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i upgraded my package from m250 to the 1gbps plan and i received new router today and i have installed it the new speeds are showing on the router but my plan still says m250 and not the new plan 5.jpg


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and my new router is the hub 5 same as the one i had 

Hi when was ur go live on ur new speed ?? 

have u tried turning the router off for a few mins ??


When we have had a speed change the Hub profile always updates several days before the VM account into.

yep it was due today the update and yes i restarted and reset router still not getting the speed increase its still on the old speed 

the router shows the new speed but im only getting 42600 bytes the same i had on the 250 fibre plan i was on 

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I upgraded my broadband package from m250 to the m1gbps plan i recieved a new router yesterday installed it showing the new speed but im not getting the upgrade in terms of the speed increase it still says m250 plan on my virgin media account 

What does this site show?