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Total Loss of Service due to your engineers not completing the job - Complaint!

Joining in

Following a recent visit by VM engineer we received confirmation that the broadband speed was not the package which we have been paying for since the last upgrade.  After testing and upgraded broadband boxes being installed your engineer confirmed that the cable feeding to the house was old and required replacement.

An appointment was made for the 26th February for the new cable to be installed, two engineers arrived shortly after 8am to complete this and they confirmed it would take approximately one hour.  At approximately 9.45am the engineer advised that they could not connect the new cable as there was a blockage in the pipe which ran adjacent to the property on the footpath.  The engineer advised that they had been in touch with Virgin Media and had booked another team to arrive the same day to dig through the footpath and finalise the connection.  The engineer said it would definitely be TODAY and that he and his colleague might return to finalise the connection if the other team were needed elsewhere, but either way it had been arranged and would definitely be completed on the 26th February as it was a total loss of service.

The old cable was not reconnected and the property was left with no connection to broadband, telephone or television services. 

26th February - 13.17pm received a text message to say “Your appointment to have cable replaced outside your property has been moved to 15 March 2024”.

We then called Virgin Media to ask why this message had been received as we were promised a connection would be completed on the 26th February and were told that the 15th March was the earliest available date.  After explaining this was totally unacceptable (3 weeks with no broadband, telephone or television services) we were promised an URGENT call from the Technicians Team to be provided with an update / earlier date. 

One hour went by and no call – we called again to be told that we must wait for a call and we could not be put through to the technicians team, there is no phone number!  4 hours and counting - no call !!


Joining in

28th Feb update - no action by Virgin Media. Over 50 hours since total loss of service.


Fibre optic

Make sure you start taking notes of the timelines, I'd argue that the engineer promising someone would dig on the 26th and nobody showing up counts as a failed appointment and the ADR would probably be inclined to agree.

You are due £9.33 per day from tomorrow. Automatic compensation: What you need to know - Ofcom.

Hello Susmith1


We're sorry to hear of the broadband issues and problems getting this resolved, we can understand the frustration and concern this is causing and appreciate you raising his via the forums.


Have you been able to speak to the team since posting for an update on this? Have they been able to explain the reason the work hasn't been completed? We have these contact methods available where a member of the team will be happy to help provide any updates available.


Our Auto Compensation Policy for complete loss of service over 48 hours can be found here as agreed with our regulators.