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Total Blackout in WD232LY and WD232LZ

On our wavelength

The whole of our road, the above 2 post codes, has a total blackout of Broadband, Cable TV and Telephone Landline.

Many of us have independently reported the failure.  Each one of us has been told that we’re the only ones experiencing a problem and there is no common issue.  An engineer was booked by the call centre for Thursday 25 am (5 days away) to look at our equipment. The confirmation text said pm.

Hopefully it will be raised by VM as an area issue and not an individual one.  The agent said he couldn’t raise it otherwise, hopefully someone will recognise all the service calls are grouped together.  I don’t hold out much hope.

 I work remotely from home and rely on the broadband


Alessandro Volta

If you rely on broadband for work, you really need to have some form of backup connection. Virginmedia does have failures from time to time and the compensation won't cover loss of earnings. 

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On our wavelength

VM eventually realised the issue was an area one, not an individual house owner one and “it would be fixed very soon.”

We’ve had text messages that the problem would first be fixed at 01:30 this morning, then at 08:13 it was fixed, which it wasn’t, then it be will fixed at 14:00, which it won’t because it’s now been announced as returning 08:30 on Monday 22nd.  So a potential full outage of approximately 40 hours if this is correct.  

Over the last few years, VirginMedia’s service levels have sunk back to where NTL finished.

Thanks, I can access data through my mobile and work remotely through that during these times.  

This is really not good at all.

On our wavelength

Total all services blackout since midday Saturday....what if I didn't have a mobile phone??

I need to negotiate a new contract in February....maybe this time I will look around..

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

There is no SLA for fixing residential services. The standard time for BT to fix a residential Broadband fault is 3 working days. Virgin is no different. If it is fixed Monday it will be the next working day.

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Several decades ago I worked at BT.  A customer was unhappy that their elderly mother’s phone was out for a week.  

My supervisor thought they would placate an unhappy customer by stating BT didn’t promise a 100% working telephone service.

There was no hiding behind that service level agreement.

Alessandro Volta

My standard answer to someone who requires Internet access to do their job from home is to have a backup of a MiFi router with a data-only SIM card (all four MNOs and several MVNOs offer these SIMs). Not having a mobile phone doesn't make sense to me in 2024 especially if you need to be in contact with family, friends, workmen, co-workers, etc.

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My Broadband Ping - Roger's VM hub 5 broadband connection

Broadband active as of 06:00 although a text message said it had returned 2 hours earlier, I wasn’t awake to test it.