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Street cabinet damaged cable full fibre to premises

On our wavelength

Damaged cable in IRS Street cabinet to premises.

Still waiting for virginmedia to escalate the repair to relevant company that owns the irs box thus responsible for repair I was informed by a recent VM technician.

Numerous calls to Virginmedia since & each call I am met with ' we don't know what's going on please bear with us ' also results in further VM technician untrained in full fibre to the premises visiting me and leaves clueless after I explain the problem.

Downstream signal is strong but upstream signal is responsible for the intermittent fault I am informed.

Contract is due for renewal this month I think I will be cancelling the contract unless VM get their act together today.


Alessandro Volta

Do you have a building management organisation that needs to grant access to the cabinet, as per this topic from January?

On our wavelength

Absolutely not.

Hi dextrious5

Thanks for your post and welcome back to our community. 

We're very sorry to hear you're having some issues with the service. We apologise for any inconvenience and frustration this may be causing.

Do you have a further engineer visit booked currently for this?

Please pop back to us when you can. 


Vikki - Forum Team

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