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Received Quick start kit but no virgin box at new house

Joining in
I need help getting my broadband set up. I've moved into a new house this weekend. I was sent a quick start kit but there's no virgin socket in here to plug it into. I've got a really terrible phone signal here (it's taken ages to get online to write this) so phoning up the helpline would be really difficult. Can I get some online support please?

Wise owl

It doesn't have to be a VM socket, it could be labeled Telewest, or even just a coax cable sticking out the wall.

Do you have a wall box on the outside of your home? If you do try to follow where the cable enters to the inside.

I found a coax cable sticking out of the wall that the Virgin cable fitted in, but the hub has been in set up mode (flashing green light) for about 3 hours now. I'm guessing this means the cable isn't quite right? It's the only option I had. Does this mean I need someone from Virgin to come out and sort it?

The cable could be disconnected in the local cabinet so yes, a VM visit may be required.

You could try the activation number on:

0800 953 9500.


My phone signal is too unstable for phone calls at the moment, and I'm stuck at home as my little one is ill. Any idea if something can be arranged online via messages?

You'll get help on here, however it can take several days.

You can try WhatsApp +44 7305 327112.

Hello shellcs


Thanks for posting on the forum in regards to your recent order and problems completing the installation. We understand the concern.


We can see you have spoken to the team since last posting, were they able to make all the necessary arrangements to resolve this issue for you?


Please let us know.