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I'm hoping someone will read this and offer some insight.

I've made the leap from Sky to Virgin Media and I'm waiting on the pre pull work to take place. Nothing extraordinary you may think but here's my issue.....

My neighbour had VM installed about 18 months ago and the pre pull team cocked up and installed the equipment onto my house. At the time, I tried to get this moved but I think the actual idea of a mistake being made like this blew their minds. Fast forward to now and I've tried twice to get some information from the pre pull team and requested that the engineer comes and knocks the door.

Today, my wife believes she saw them but nothing has changed as I'm concerned the team will see the kit on the wall, shrug their shoulders and walk away staying it's all good.

It shouldn't be this hard to ask for a phone call to explain the situation but so far this experience is making me consider cancelling and going back to Sky.

The biggest concern is that my wife is a home based worker (before COVID made it a thing) so if we don't get this right, we're stuffed!


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Forum Team

Hi @Robg203 👋

Welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for your post. 

I'd suggest giving our pre installs team a call on 0800 052 1734 and they can discuss thinfs gurther with you.

Let us know if you need anything else.

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I've been in touch a couple of times now and keep being told "it will be today" which doesn't happen.

I'm not feeling confident in all honesty and keep being told it will get done before my engineer comes but I've seen posts by people who were waiting well after the agreed date.

In this modern time of home working, we need to be online before our current ISP cuts us off.

Alessandro Volta

There are two solutions.

1. Split the cable so that both premises are served, and is cheap and simple. This should work well if the signal levels are good.

2. The "proper" solution of pulling a cable for your neighbour so that both of you have a dedicated cable. Don't be surprised if this isn't done.

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Honestly, I'd say just cancel and go back to Sky, or alternatively, you go back to Sky but don't bother cancelling and think about the compensation you are owed. I assume that VM gave you an installation date, and hence you are due compensation from that date onwards, irrespective if you cancel or not.

The options which Roger_Gooner (above) posited are perfectly logical and would be the way to go. Except VM's systems simply won't allow for such a thing, it won't be in their list of 'processes'.

Far too late now, but honestly, your best option would have been to cut the cable to your neighbours' eighteen months ago, since, as you have rightly observed, events such as the one you find yourself in are well out of VM's comfort zone, and hence they ignore it and hope it goes away - which it did, well for 18 months!

Do you want to force the issue? How well do you get on with your neighbours? Because the only way anything will happen is if you now (accidentally) sever the cable between the box on your wall and your neighbours house. When they complain to VM and a tech turns up to fix it, you absolutely deny them access to your property. It'll really, really annoy your neighbour, but probably the only way any action will happen.

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Thanks both.

Today is when VM are meant to have an update as I was asked to give them 72 hours from Sunday, I'm expecting the same reply as before so I think at this rate I'll be hoping can get signed back up with Sky.