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Outside Installation FOLLOW UP

Tuning in

So this is a follow up to my previous post about being lied to by Virgin Media saying they’re waiting on a council permit to fix a cabinet issue.

After managing to get through to networking myself they sent an engineer out to my properly on the Monday 22nd Jan. He checked the pit on my road(private) and he soon realised that the problem I had was the pre pull team had allocated my cable to a non functioning port. So after multiple lies for 2 months the problem could’ve been sorted ages ago. The engineer told me that it was allocated wrong which he quickly fixed, he also said they had left the cables dirty and put them in the omni box on the side of my house at a 90 degree angle meaning my speeds would’ve been shocking even if I had a connection.

The engineer checked my omni box and told me that I had full power and all the lights were green. After still hearing nothing from Virgin I rang today and they’ve told me they’re unable to send a technician out to finally get my connected because on their end it still says I’m not connected. They said they would send an email to the relevant team(may I add this is probably the 9th email that’s been sent relating to my account). They’ve told me they can’t give me a date because the communication between departments is shocking.

To end I’m sat here with a fully connected omni box but still without internet because they refuse to send a technician out even though they could easily send 2 technicians and a site surveyor out a month ago when I had no lights on whatsoever.

My question is can any member of the forum team speed up my situation by getting me a technician to come and connect me fully(wifi box).


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @JTGoodall, thank you for your post.

We can see a member of the Forum Team is discussing this with you privately. They'll respond to your latest message as soon as possible.



I still haven’t had any message.