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Only one session at a time is allowed

On our wavelength

Common issue as have seen this on lots of other posts.I have had several disconnections of my internet in recent times, and although work was recently carried out in my area, have still experiences the same issues two day after.

If this doesn't resolve itself, I will raise an issue with VM directly.

That aside, because of those issues, I have pin reset 3 times now, and still cannot log in to my router, which when doing so, says 

"Please note!

Someone else is currently logged into the settings page. Only one session at a time is allowed. Please try again later."

As the turning off for 30 seconds and on again,  and pin reset hasn't worked, what's next, please?




Avoid managing the Hub menu via Wi-Fi, when settings are changed the Hub stops/starts the Wi-Fi and this does leave you disconnected from the menu session. Removing the Hub's browser cookies does work for me but, I do have to wait until a new ( not logged in ) cookie is created to regain access and that take several minutes.  But Resets are not the only answer here - a little patience is equally effective & less destructive of the Hub's configuration.