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Only one session at a time is allowed

On our wavelength

Common issue as have seen this on lots of other posts.I have had several disconnections of my internet in recent times, and although work was recently carried out in my area, have still experiences the same issues two day after.

If this doesn't resolve itself, I will raise an issue with VM directly.

That aside, because of those issues, I have pin reset 3 times now, and still cannot log in to my router, which when doing so, says 

"Please note!

Someone else is currently logged into the settings page. Only one session at a time is allowed. Please try again later."

As the turning off for 30 seconds and on again,  and pin reset hasn't worked, what's next, please?



Thanks for the honesty, but as a known issue, that's "been going on for years now." a bit surprising that a company as big as Virgin, hasn't sought to resolve the problem already!!



Yes an old thread, but it is still an issue.
And in my case logging out wasn't an option. I just changed a setting and it rebooted, and when it came back I got the dreaded 'User already logged in' and I really don't want to have to set everything up again.
It's a bug and it needs to be fixed. How about just allowing multiple sessions?

Hi stevedh2

Thanks for your post 

Sorry you have experienced this as well 

We can feed this back for you to the right team 



On our wavelength

This just occurred with me. I cleared the browser cache including the cookie for in Chrome and refreshed the router login page and signed in fine.

Hello everyone. 

I have investigated this further in the business and this is not a known issue/bug that we are aware of when access the hub admin/setting pages on a desktop. This is a security feature in place, where only one user may have access to change the settings at one time. Please make sure that you log out of the hub admin page correctly, rather than closing the window down as this will keep you logged in for a period of time.  

If anyone has any further issues or something that they would like to raise on this then please let me know and I will advise on resolution steps or look to investigate this further. 

Here to help 🙂
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I have read nearly a dozen threads with the same problem, and nobody has even attempted a successful answer. I have been struggling with this for a good few hours and I have yet to ever login ONCE. How I can therefore be "more careful in future and sign out before closing the page" before I am ever able to even login ONCE. Thus far, what I have seen is a shambolic level of service. How am I supposed to deal with this now when I simply have to access the settings to install my security camera? Must I leave Virgin? Is that the only answer to this issue? I'm more 

Hi Erdling86,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to hear you have been unable to log into your Router to set up your cameras, there is a working fix for you issue as advised by Newapollo,

You need to reset the router exactly as below.

Keep the hub switched on and disconnect any ethernet connections, then push the reset button firmly with a paperclip or something similar and keep it pressed in for a full minute.

Wait around 10 minutes and it should revert to factory settings. You can now reconnect the ethernet cables.

If you previously changed your router password it won't work and you will have to use the one printed on the sticker on the router. You can always change it again by going into the settings.



Just wanted to point out that you do not need to reset your router each time that you get the "User already logged in" message.

@Biltong actually gave the correct answer in one of the responses to this thread above.

All you have to do is clear out the browser cache. 

A quick google search will show you how to clear the cache for your particular browser. Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox etc all do things differently.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi a1f1e, 

Welcome to the Community. 

Thank you for posting and sharing the knowledge 🙂 

We are here if you need any assistance. 





sadly, this browser cache fix doesn't work, still left with the problem... have to factory reset the router every time you want to log into the config (even if you log out as advised) ... pretty poor product