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O2 sim card not arrived or confirmation from O2

Joining in

Hi All,

I ordered Virgin media BB, Mixit TV, anytime calls and an O2 sim on 10/01/24 from a Virgin door to door rep. I received the pre contract email next day and nothing else apart from an installation date for BB on 07/01/24. When should I receive my O2 sim card, as it's been 2 weeks since sign up and is due to go live next Wed? I tried calling today for the first time to Virgin Cust. Services and it was a nightmare. I was passed to 10 different advisors at both O2 and Virgin for 80 minutes before deciding to terminate the call, as I'd had enough of telling my query over and over again. O2 have no record of the order request and I have no O2 account number or confirmation. Virgin don't know if it's been ordered and keep passing me back to O2 who are unable to help. Has anyone else had this experience or when have others received their sim cards?

I dare not even ask the advisor the other 3 questions I wanted to. Which were:

 1, Does the hub and TV box come with the engineer on installation/activation day?

2. The £50 credit I was promised to the account isn't showing in the account or off the first bill?

3. Will my existing landline number definitely be transferred over as requested as there is no mention of this in the paperwork/contract.

As it stands even though it is over 14 days cooling off period. I'm thinking it might be best to cancel even from this one experience. The service is horrendous and is apparent that they are still 2 very separate companies. I feel that there will only be more headaches to come. I think i'd rather been on half the speed at the same cost but have my sanity. 

Anyone else experienced the above or have any suggestions? 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for reaching out to us on the Community Forums @mrcarlclarke, and a very warm welcome to you!

To quickly answer your three questions;

1) We would offer an engineer if required, we do however also offer a Quickstart service, which is issued to customers who have the connections in place and don't need/want them to be relocated.

2) The £50.00 credit would be issued to your account after the 14 day cooling off period has been served, unless this is as part of a refer a friend scheme - in which case it would be paid into an online account via Aklamio, who would then allow you to withdraw this into your bank account

3) If your landline connection is still active with your soon to be former provider, and can remain active beyond the install with Virgin Media there would be no reason why you can't have the phone number ported over to Virgin Media.

In relation to the O2 sim card, it might be worth calling them directly to see if they have any record of your details, or if there is an O2 itemised within the paper work of your agreement with Virgin Media.



Alessandro Volta

Just be aware that there is a history of deals offered by the salesman at your door not being recognised or accepted by VM when they come to connect you, so check every aspect carefully at every stage.

If you are not satisfied you can cancel at any stage without penalty until 14 days after the broadband is connected. 

- jpeg1
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