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New build property

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We are moving into a new build property in a few weeks. The development has fttp installed by OFNL. VM would be our preferred provider however when I tried to purchase a broadband/tv package online despite the website saying VM is available at our postcode the available addresses stop short of our house number. Spoken to various people at virgin who promise to get back to me but haven’t (one even asked if I was sure the house number was correct, I’m very sure I know the number of the house we’ve purchased!)

The opposite side of the street (the odd numbers) has a slightly different postcode and all the addresses are available on the drop down menu on the website.

on the OFNL website all of the other broadband providers have our actual address available. The last conversation I had with someone at Virgin said that they would pass the details to the back office but was unable to explain why half of our street (even numbers) were missing from the drop down menu or what the ‘back office’ would do. Still no contact from the ‘back office’ and time is running out for us. I fear we will have to go elsewhere and am very frustrated 


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The VM forum team might be able to help here. 

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Alessandro Volta

This has come up several times. It seems that although OFNL offers Virginmedia services they won't be available unless VM can make a local connection to them. 

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Forum Team

Hi @David119 

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Sorry to hear that your home is not included in the drop down menu to select. 

There can be a few reasons why your particular property is not serviceable at this time whilst others on the same postcode/street are. 
Have the developers advised any reason why the service is not yet possible?

Here to help 🙂
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