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Hub 5 Rubber Stand/Flap - how to remove?

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I need to remove the rubber stand/flap from my Hub 5 to fit it on my shelf. Has anyone done/know the best way to do this? And is there a big performance drop if I lay the Hub on its side instead?



Alessandro Volta

You will always lose some range if the aerials inside the Hub are laid against a wall or a shelf which will absorb the signal. Try it and see.

More important is to avoid blocking any ventilation holes. 

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Thanks. It looks like it would cause a ventilation issue.

Hi there @ConfusedSpot 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome back to the community forums, it's great to have you with us. 

We would not recommend tampering with the Hub as this can cause both ventilation and performance issues, can I ask if moving the Hub to another location would work for you? We can offer relocation appointments for a £25 charge where one of our engineer will come out to rearrange this for you. 

Thanks, that might be helpful. What do I do?

I will send you a DM and we can go ahead getting this booked in.

Matt - Forum Team

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Thanks Matt.