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HUB 3, initial set up. Green light blinking

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I placed my first order for Virgin broadband on 19 February. It was supposed to be delivered on 23 February but it never arrived. They said there was a problem with the previous tenant at the address and we should wait. We waited and we were only able to create a new order on 27 February. We received this order at around 4 am on Friday 2 March.

We started the installation immediately, but the green light of the modem continued to flash even after 40 minutes. It took us 15 minutes to get through to help line and we were told that the modem was not registered in the account. Since Friday working hours had passed, it would be processed on Monday morning at the earliest, but we are waiting again and the problem still persists.

On the 19th of February, we STILL could not access the internet we ordered. Can someone please guide us on what to do next?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for reaching out to us @lanfearofy and I'm sorry to hear of the issues you've been experiencing with the activation of the services.

Can you please provide us with an update on the status of the connection?

Was this installed with an engineers input or via a Quickstart installation?



Hi David,

Yesterday a technician came and solved the problem. Now I can connect to the internet.

But I have one more problem. When we discussed the big bundle, the person we were talking about proposed another bundle. In addition to big bundle, she offered an 02 sim at 6 pounds per month. We accepted this proposal.

The SIM card was supposed to be delivered to the house 4-5 days later. But it did not arrive. We waited 10-12 days and last week we dropped by an O2 shop and took the sim card from them. The person there gave us a number (virgin media) to call and swap the SIM card. We called the number of virgin media but now they are saying o2 should make the swap. So what happens now? Where should we call to open up the sim? because it is not working. O2 says virgin media should solve this problem but virgin media says O2 should solve. 


We're glad to hear the engineer visit went good. 

With regards to the SIM card, all that would need to be done by O2 directly.