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Delays in Installation

Joining in

VM is taking me for a ride, and continuously postponing my installation. Signed my contract back in December and since then my installation has been moved 4 times, and now stands at March 1, which I am almost certain will also get pushed. What the heck is wrong with this company?! Why are they offering to provide service in areas they are clearly ineligible to service? The customer service doesn't help, and you end up getting different answers from different people... it's like they themselves are clueless. I have wasted so many precious hours of my life trying to get some meaningful information out of this god forsaken company. I am thinking of cancelling but I have accumulated some credit and not to mention I have wasted over 2 months of my time with them.... What do i do? I have tried to log a complaint but doesn't seem like that's worked. The customer service is always trying to escalate this, but clearly nothing comes out of it. I am just so incredibly frustrated. I work as an engineer from home and I made it abundantly clear how much I rely on broadband, but VM has not given a single f about that.

I am even more shocked and sad to see how many other people have gone through the same thing with Virgin Media. Such a horrible, horrible company with a pathetic communication. I am literally at my wits end with them... thinking of cancelling and getting another provider now because the amount of stress they are causing me is not worth the hassle


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @nims3 

Welcome to the community forums.
We're really sorry to hear your install has been delayed. We understand this can be frustrating but unfortunately delays do happen on occasions due to the way we provide our network to our customers. The teams will already be working hard to complete the necessary works to allow the install to go ahead and I can see on the systems at our side that you've been in touch since your post. 


You can keep up to date with our pre-installs team on 0800 052 1734 or on 150 / 0345 454 1111 options 1, 3 then 4 if needed.

Please let us know if you are having any further issues or have any questions at all. We'll be here to help on the community forums if needed.

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent