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Damp issues caused by CATV box

Joining in

I am not a Virgin Media customer. So I do not have an account. I do however have a large CATV cabinet 5 inches away from our house wall. It is causing severe damp issues and despite a Virgin Media person visiting they have told me that it is not something they can help with! The damp has damaged furniture and we cannot even begin to try and repair it because the rain continually runs onto a wall that we cannot access to repair! 

Apparently the complaint has been passed on but I cannot be copied into an email because of Virgin Media rules! 

Someone must be able to do something.


Knows their stuff

@Evielou25 wrote:


It s a tough one because there is plenty of air flow behind the cabinet to dry out water and it water can escape from behind, unless that surface behind is cracked/damaged and absorbing water right at your foundations. It's hard to see from the photo. I also can't see if the sloped angle of the cabinet would direct water straight onto the render in a downpour, which in Winter time freezing weather could make the render worse if there are cracks where water can get in behind, although from the photo the render is not blown (yet).

What I can see are cracks in your render; the slightest crack will allow water to get in behind the render. You really need to be sure before taking VM in respect of damp blame and recompense. However, the cabinet does obstruct fair maintenance of the render, and the building was likely to have been built there before the cabinet was implemented. I'd be arguing the latter by involving my house insurance legal team initially for their advice as it could eventually affect the fabric of the building. Again, you need to have caution and wait for trades people to state they could not complete work because of the cabinet.

There is quite a few questions just from the photo 🙂

Alessandro Volta

Good points from Jonny-M and unisoft. Is the cabinet actually causing a problem or just preventing a different problem from being fixed?

Alessandro Volta

It seems pretty clear that rain falling on the slope of the cabinet will run down either to the base of the wall or down the side of the wall, depending on the intensity of the rain and the direction of the wind.  That's inarguable.

I'd get the insurers involved, because VM won't do anything without pressure from someone with some clout. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

No door, originally the house was two small rooms and has been changed to a large.  This happened many years ago before the box was located.  


Hi @Evielou25,

Thank you for your posts and welcome to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm so sorry to hear and see that there appears to be a damp issue in your home which you believe may be caused or at least exacerbated by the current placement of the street service cabinet in your photos.

I'm going to send you a private message in a few moments so we can take some details and see what can be done. Please reply to this when you can.


Zach - Forum Team
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