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Damaged hub 3.0

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We are a house hold with young children and our hub was in reach of them at one point and they have damaged both sides of our hub 3.0. Nothing inside the box is damaged just the plastic air vents are damaged and you can see the internal board, is there a price to pay for the replacement if so how much is an estimate.

I also have a problem with Virgin and has been happening for over 2 years, it states “update in progress” and will say that every time I pay a bill a day or 2 late and has not come on for about 3 hours again. 


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I'd hope a £25 no fault call out would sort out the hub via 0345 454 1111 /150.

I'm not a Very Insightful Person (just a little bit, sometimes). I don't work for Virgin Media (but then nor do any of the offshore customer service agents).

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Let me get this straight, you pay a bill late and wonder why your services go down?

I know what you mean aha. But the services go down anyway 99% of the time and it stays down for a couple days then the bill is due so yh it doesn’t help I paid it late but also it just goes crap every time it comes near billing day.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey HarrySmith,

Welcome back to the community and thanks for taking the time to post. I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your router. I would be happy to take a further look into this for you but first I would need to confirm a few details via private message, please look out for my message and we can get started.
Kind Regards,