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Clarify when billing cycle starts?

Joining in

Hi, I'm new to Virgin Media. I'm moving house and decided to go with Virgin, as it's the provider that's already been serving the property. 


I'm trying to get all my affairs in order in advance. I won't be moving into the property until mid-June. 

If I sign up today, will I be billed from today? Or will my billing cycle align with when we actually receive and activate the equipment?



Alessandro Volta

If you use a 'Quick Start' installation (where VM sends you your equipment and you plug it in yourself) then VM sends out the kit and, once the kit is delivered, VM deems the service to be 'activated' and starts charging you a few days after.

If there is already a VM service running at your new home, that needs to be closed down before your service starts. Topics do come up on here where a new customer moves in to their new home and an old account at the address is still in the process of closing down which delays the start of the new service. If that happens, I believe there is some kind of a 'gone away' procedure you have to follow with VM to get the old account closed so yours can start.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello armoniku


Thanks for posting your billing query via the forums and welcome to the community. We can confirm the billing would start from the date the equipment and account are activated.