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Box has not been delivered and its been weeks.

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Hi I ordered a gig1 box to be delivered to my current address on the 26th of may with the delivery date being the 30th of may. it is now the 7th of June and there has been no delivery, no email saying it is to be delivered and I have been without internet for weeks. I wont lie, I am very annoyed by the lack of communication for anything and the difficulty there is to try and sort this out without having a customer number, like how can I ask where my order is if I'm not allowed to talk to somebody because I'm not a customer, makes no sense to me. regardless of that, can somebody here on the service team please help me sort this out, I want to go with virgin for the great internet speeds but if you guys aren't even going to send the box out to me so I can even become a customer in your eyes ill have to go with another provider. PLEASE HELP! thankyou.


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Forum Team

Hi @Lowie93 

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So sorry to hear that your order has not been delivered to get you up and running with us. 

Have you spoken with our pre-install team directly on 0800 052 1734. They are the team that can assist with any issues with install deliveries. 

Have you recently moved into a property or are you just looking to move providers and have lived at the address for awhile. If you're a new tenant or owning at the address, there might be an conflict if the previous tenant/owner has not advised of their move and so there is still an active account at the same address. 


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