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Avonline fitted broadband wires to next door neighbours that hit my house

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Avonline has fitted board band cables from the pole next to my house on to the next door neighbours house, but they have put a bracket with the wires going though on my house and these cables constantly bang on my house when it windy and sound like a hammer hitting,I just want them moved so they don't hit the house, I don't mind the been near my house just not constantly banging of my property. Been trying to get in touch with virgin is a nightmare and was wondering if there's a contact number that actually works or who to contact, or is anyone from virgin on here that can get Avonline to move these cables of my property. 




As you are not the customer, expect VM to not be interested unless you remove the offending cables from your property resulting in the service being cut off.

The folks next door are going to have to report the installation as unacceptable and getting that to happen may not be easy especially as they stood by and watched the installation proceeding without objections.

Alessandro Volta

all that banging could damage the cable - i guess its fibre - maybe a little help from you would bring that forward


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Forum Team

Hi Lawrence11,

Thanks for using the Community Forums to get this issue with your neighbour's cables looked into, I am sorry the constant banging has been causing some frustration 😥 I would be more than happy to look into this for you!

I can see that you may be our customer yourself which may make this easier 🙂
Are you able to take a picture of the offending cable and post it on here please? We can use this to communicate the issue with your local Engineer Team who will hopefully be able to come out and fix it into place. 
Like @-tony- mentioned, we wouldn't want the force damaging the internals - Especially with all these storms happening at the moment! 



Alessandro Volta

they have put a bracket with the wires going though on my house

If they have fixed a bracket on your house, that is seriously wrong and they have trespassed on your property to do it. 

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